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Ron Hamilton

Is Skylark’s Director as well as Emeritus Research Professor at Middlesex University, and a member of the European Psychiatry Association. He is currently based in Suffolk, UK He is a public health scientist and has held academic and senior management roles includingDean of Health at Middlesex University. He has received EC funding oneight occasions, covering Framework Programmes 4, 5 and 6; and hasco-ordinated 3 of these projects. He is an invited expert and evaluatoron national and European Commission groups and continues in this rolein Horizon 2020 in the area of public health. His personal research activities have been in environmental and health issues. He has published extensively and is responsible for Business Developments for Skylark.

Núria Machin

Is Skylark’s principal consultant and has more than 19 years’experience in European Commission research and development funded projects and their management. She has also contributed to original research for 14 years in the area of sociology. She is a medical sociologist and her current interests lie in the area of the area of suicideand suicide prevention; in particular suicide, the media and the internet; and mhealth technologies. She is a member of European Psychiatry Association, and the BSA Medical Group, Recent andrelevant examples of her research on EC projects include EuropeanCommission (EAHC) SUPREME; Guidelines for prevention of suicideusing internet; European Commission FP6 Research Citizens and Governance Project – EMILIA – lifelong learning for mental healthservice users including suicide prevention training programmes, European Commission (EAHC) PROMISE; guidelines for suicide prevention and mental health promotion.

Marco Sarchiappone

Sciences, University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, is Associated Professor at the University of Molise, Italy.He has been involved in research in the field of suicidology for morethan 20 years in an interdisciplinary perspective, ranging frombiological aspects to social and psychological correlates. He is the Chairman of the Section of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention of theEuropean Psychiatric Association (www.suicidology.net/epa), Genera lSecretary of the Section on Suicidology of the World Psychiatric Association, Italian representative at the WHO/Euro Network for SuicidePrevention. He is the Editor of the open access journal Suicidology Online (www.suicidology-online.com). He was the President of the 13thEuropean Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour. He wasdeputy coordinator of SEYLE (Saving and Empowering Young Lives inEurope) and WE-STAY (Working in Europe to Stop Truancy AmongYouth), two research projects funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme and aimed at preventing suicide and risk behavioursamong adolecents. He is also one of the promoters of SUPREME(Suicide Prevention by Internet and Media Based Mental Health.

Dr Palo Almond

Recently joined the University of Brighton as a senior lecturer having previously held posts at the University of Southampton and Anglia Ruskin University where she led primary care and public health departments and programmes and played a key strategic roleat Faculty and University level. As an educationalist she has led orbeen involved in designing and implementing innovative public health curricula and carrying out evaluations and quality reviews of a range of programmes delivered in several universities. Dr Almond held aresearch post at King's College London and over the years has been awarded several grants to carry out public health related research. These have largely centered on perinatal depression, equity in serviceprovision and suicide prevention. Her work has been published in someof the most prestigious nursing and public health journals and books. Her own book, Interpreting Statistical Findings: A Guide for Health.

Jorge Méndez

Is a graphic designer. His main responsability is web design and web development. He holds a MA in Design of Multimedia Applications and Virtual Environments. His main contribution is in the área of concept design and development for online and offline projects and campaigns.


Is Project Manager and Administrator - Strategy and Management for online and offline projects. Brand management, online marketing campaigns, e-commerce positioning and online presence. Content development: copywriting, SEO copywriting and editing of online and offline content.